Oasis by katetecture

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5383
Ekaterina Kuzmina
Siberian Federal University

The site is located in the city of Dessau. The area includes low-rise and medium-rise buildings. That is why the average height of the object was chosen and its composition is spread over the space of the master plan.
The concept is based on the ethnic dwelling. Its primitive and intuitive way of building is common in the culture of many parts of the world. This principle is found in construction and handicrafts, decorative and applied arts. The system of segments forms a hollow volume. This image of a primitive community is supported by a centric composition, arbitrary lines of walls and supports, and the texture of the material.

The project prefers indirect references to the spirit of the tropics, only implicitly causing the necessary associations. The image of the coconut tree is used as the main vertical of the space, realized through street lights. The shape of the elevator in the exhibition space is derived from the pineapple. Ethnic dwelling, clay vessel, natural oases – all these things served as the ideological basis for the concept of the shape of the blocks. Clusters of blocks make up functional zones.
The interior space is organized around light wells. Minimalistic interiors allow you to place accents as needed, depending on the types of activity. Spaces are provided that are suitable for flexible partitioning into separate zones that accommodate one or more groups of students.
Lighting of the room is carried out both by means of light wells, and tape illumination between the bundles. These gaps can also be used to install solar panels. The number of holes increases from the bottom of the building to the top to achieve the illusion of a solid entire volume from the level of human vision

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