The Bauhaus is like a philosophy that respond humanity in future. by PywPyw

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6803
Pattaraporn Sitthikun
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

The core of the Bauhaus is the integration of aesthetics and technology. With the purpose of designing and creating works to meet human beings of the future in order to be modern at all times.

So what we care about is always being in the future. The future is a reflection of the present Therefore, to look into the future, we have to look at the whole picture from the past to the present. And can therefore predict what the future will be…

Imagine that we are in the future. Or think that what we are now is yesterday’s future. When we look back. We can see the overlap of past and present events. When we see that, therefore came up as an idea of ​​overlay the present can convey our to the future.

Come back to the truth. We are not in the future and the future is something we do not know. This is a common reason that everyone accepts, so we will compare the space of the future to a place where students’ work and ideas are displayed. To show what the future trends in each person’s point of view are like And architecture would function as a mere hollow container to support this valuable thing.

The present is presented through art and architecture to indicate the era. It is like a overview that will be the beginning of the future in the future and will continue to be like this.

The cone represents the container in which the work is displayed. When the event comes to show This container represents the future. In the time when the work is not shown That means being the real future.

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