Shortcut for circulation and education of urban people by Lalita Jiaramae

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6762
Lalita Jiaramae
Lalita Jiaramae

Education for students and urban people

Dessau is a small country that is thoroughly connected to nodes.
The campus is located in the city center near by main train station.
It is opportunities to be an important node for Dessua. We make
the Bauhaus campus 2021 to be the “shortcut” circulation to the
various nodes of the city.

In addition,it also includes access to education of urban people.
an exhibition is placed on the route that people could pass the most
to serve people access to contemporary art. Auditorium is not just for
performance but along with worldwide online class.

We make the Buahaus campus 2021 to be the part of Dessua by
replacing the roof-top green spaces with pedestrian and bike paths.


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