schülerhaus by JKS

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #1695
Dawid Szczybyło
Silesian University of Technology
Marcin Klyta
Silesian University of Technology
Jakub Jurga
Silesian University of Technology


Back in the year  1919 the world was in need of a change, and Walter Gropius along with other founders of the Bauhaus architecture school knew that. The painful memory of 1st World War and the approaching shadow of the 2nd World War, created a time period in which the radical change was desired and needed.


Today we still are at war, yet our war is a silent and individual one. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic has started, our society (especially the younger part of it, but not exclusively) had to face a lot of problems, such as depression, loneliness and work overload. The current pandemic only added fuel to the fire of the mental health issues which one has to deal with nowadays.

As a team, we decided to comment on these problems by creating a spatial system dressed in architecture. We wanted to create an environment for study, relaxation and living that would with its physical dimension strengthen the healthy proportion of the above parts of life.

The polarity of the layout of the buildings on the plot suggests the separation of work and pleasure, however, the suspended exhibition space between the buildings passively and actively integrates design in the everyday life of the residents of the complex.

Never has socializing been as hard as it is today, nevertheless we believe that current circumstances will change someday. We place our building on this more or less distant point in the future timeline. We have planned a lot of space that could serve as a fertile soil for the development of many social bonds, as well as artistic and technical knowledge and experience.


Everyone can make the world a little bit better place, yet the people with creative powers are able to do it on a bigger scale.

We are the product of our environment  and our environment is the product of us.



Cinema:  The open-air cinema, which can be activated only when the appropriate number of people are in the audience.

Cave: Cave carved in a heap, which with its plastic form can fulfill many functions, especially in bad weather

Exhibition: The bicycle-powered part of the exhibition, which acts as a presentation of photographs and graphics.

Indoor: Part of the educational and workshop building with a heap flowing through it

Gallery: A suspended gallery that serves as a literal and theoretical connection of the buildings, also heart of the project

Dorms entrance: The intersection of two parts of a residential building with a café and a social space with movable walls.

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