Play to Learn by studio.future

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2628
Claire de Jeu
Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism

Experimentation. Exploration. Curiosity. A Childish Spirit.

A building which reflects these essential values of the Bauhaus in the 21st century must emphasize this omnipresent idea of learning through play, revolutionizing the school’s approach to embrace society’s new present reality. The design for the new Bauhaus Campus building manifests this fun spirit through use of playful irregular geometry, in dynamic interactions between program spaces and in inviting the public – particularly a more youthful demographic – into the site. By bringing children into the space, the campus not only benefits from fresh perspectives and spirit, but sparks an engagement between children and design from a young age, inspiring the next generation of creators. The building challenges the norms of what architecture education can be by pushing the limits of enjoyment, play, experimentation in order to create engagement and free innovation.


The entry level is a combination of atrium and café lounge, with half of the building elevated on piers to open the ground plane of the entire site to the become park space. Playgrounds and open greenspace are scattered between irregular pathways and a raised bike along the west edge of the site creates a buffer to the noise of passing trains. The exhibition areas and mezzanine overlooks provide versatile presentation areas, while on the floor above a canteen-studio creates the perfect immersive workspace for all students to interact in a relaxed environment. Dorms on the upper floors have shared wraparound balconies which continue the Bauhaus’ important history of balconies as essential elements of student housing, but in a way which augments interactions. On the roof terrace, a public play structure and sandbox invite the public to inhabit the entire building, accessed via an exterior elevator. Tying the design together from top to bottom is a roof slide, giving a playful way to descend once again to the ground.

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