Open Museum Campus #1444 by MACNA

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1444
Alessandra Sofía Bazán Radenovic
Universidad de Lima
María Laura Rangel Hurtado
Universidad de Lima
Nicolás Alfaro Vilela
Universidad de Lima
María Camila Heredia Soto
Universidad de Lima
Alessandra Rivadeneira Berjarano
Universidad de Lima

The Open Museum Campus is a project located in Dessau, Germany. It’s inspired in rectangular shapes that part from the same module. By rotating this module, we can get different spaces and rooms, trying to achieve different atmospheres according to the needed function. The campus was designed by rotating the 5 different main buildings, getting as a result a central architectural axis. All along this axis, the projects and creative assignments can be showcased, like an open museum where everyone can observe and be inspired by them.

We started with a rectangular orthogonal piece and we looked for ways to get different shapes to create spaces and connections between them. In first place, we rotated the original pieces, placing one on top of the other and merging them. In second place, we displaced the original piece so we could create larger spaces. In both cases we tried to achieve final results that shared the same architectural language.

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