This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5194
Raphaela Nicolettis
University of Nicosia
Mirna Matkovic
University of Nicosia

We are firm believers in the concept of timing, and at this specific moment, children of the revolution are believed to be the ones who need to bring life to new radical architecture. the future of Bauhaus deserves to be a product of the new revolution. It is up to us to ensure sustainability, variety, and discovery of new materials and keep pushing the design envelope. As the future unfolds, an architect needs to open the mind and soul to architecture in depth. one needs to go back to our fundamentals- it is about looking at whom we are at the core and biochemically designing the inspiration from within us, to without us in the outside world. We have upheld homage and tradition with a modern twist of vertical strip windows and concrete formation with an inside garden.


As children of the revolution, all we have is each other- we will unite the future minds in our building by helping each other grow, very much like our facade. Our exoskeleton facade is created with (significant influence of Neri Oxman) new up-and-coming 3D technologies creating our skeleton out of Silk coated nylon polyurethane laced with tubing. It is important to note that in this city in Germany, it rains all year round with barely any dry season- the structure has cavities that collect the water and pumps it directly into the building. The water is then filtered and used in plumbing and hydraulic systems such as elevators and some cases, even electricity. This biological alchemy reflects bringing our “within” into our “without” with new technologies and new organic structures adopting Parametricism.


The interior features channel glass that has perforations to let light in, as well as a shaded yellow glass to allow the light to shine and make a “sunny” like environment . the ground floor features a cafeteria/coffee shop with a corridor featuring the water exoskeleton coming through the building. The exhibition space is highlighted by the nature garden in the core of the building, this allows the light to shine in naturally whilst enjoying the nature scape integrated floors simultaneously. Adjustable Pinup walls are allocated within and around the space to ensure maximum central capacity making it the focal point of the building. the light from the garden emphasizes the students pin ups with natural infused light. The classrooms are lined with trestle movable walls that are made out of a cushion material that allows students to do in class pinups and move the dividing walls. We have relaxing corners located privately on one side of the triangle. The curved structure allows privacy as well as isolated experiences for small groups and individuals after presentations awaiting their feedback. The state of the art workshops can be found adjacent to the main building, soundproofed for maximum containment of sound and space . The up and coming residencies are directly connected to the architecture building for easy access and homage to the original Bauhaus building too.

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