Mies Memorial Library, by Júlia Azevedo by Julia Azevedo

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22432
Julia Azevedo
Júlia Azevedo Santiago Pereira
Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná

The project of Mies Memorial Library is locatted in the
third field included into the competition´s brief , and
the design´s area is 2100 m2.

A first consideration was how the new building wouldn´t
interfer into the university surround and daily comunity
life. I proposed retreat the field´s limit aroud ten
meters, and it resutes into a better insolation into de
the south facade of the building, reuse a path that already was crossing the field, and also create a green area
that helps develop a good drainage. The Library is sustainde by four porticos that is also one of the most important element of the formal building composition and it
resutes into a free movement of the comunity flow´s into
the groud floor.

About the building, the library has a steel structure
with flexible metalic potico, stabilized by steel frames
that conecct them. The pillars and the beams are distributed along a structural grid 6×12(meters) that is also
responsable for the layout arrengment. The sealing sistemy is composed by glass windows simmetrically- placed
and it resutes into a good and controlled ventilation.

The main entrance is dictatted bay a ramp centralized
into the ground floor. The antrance is framed by te the
two central porticos and also two water mirrors. As the
user access the building by the ramp, he can obtain the
building´s informations at the information desk that is
framed by a wall completely in black marble, it also
separates the closed rooms from the rest of the library
opened space.

The north part of the building contain the public open
collection and the seat auditorium. The south part of
the library contains the individuals and collective reading/ studying sections . Moreover, in the west part
you can find the Mies private collection, with another
information desk that is also responsable to control
peoples access and assure the good quality work of the
research space.

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