Mies Memorial Library by LVS MIES

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22674
Harold David Lozada Bonilla
La Gran Colombia
Brayan Santiago Velásquez Aguilera
La Gran Colombia

The Mies Memorial Library is a project that not only pays homage to the architect, but also complements and updates the current IIT campus. The buildings belonging to the original context, with their timeless architecture, allow the development of other buildings that combine the contemporaneity of their design with the legacy of Mies van der Rohe, present on the campus.

While there are buildings with the proposed uses in the existing complex, the new buildings will provide a timely complement to these activities, since the existing buildings include one declared a national monument, such as Crown Hall.

Each of the buildings, new and old, with this new proposal will be connected to each other with the development of a collective space, at the same time integrating, at the same time convening.

The development of the project allows balancing two situations present in the selected lot. On the one hand, the presence of three important buildings on the campus: the Paul V. Galvin Library, Siegel Hall and Crown Hall. On the other hand, all the existing public space around them. This proposal allows to continue giving the hierarchy to the old buildings, but also transforms the existing public space.

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