Legohaus by legohaus

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5419
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Yuxin Chen
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Our new Bauhaus School, Lego Haus is located between the original Bauhaus building and the new Bauhaus Museum. Our design concept includes the continuation of BAUHAUS’s own concept, which was to emphasize the needs of people rather than the artistry of the product itself. The project inherits the history of the original campus and of the surrounding environment, so we set up a museum as the Eye of our building so that students can show their works while seeing the work of other contemporary and legacy designers. 


The overall space facilitates the communication between people in the entire community, and allows students and visitors to interact with the building itself and with the exterior environment.


Therefore, the entire building is made of distinct, clearly identifiable parts – blocks – that are interconnected to facilitate communication between students and faculty, and to create a space that is more convenient for the transportation of artworks and the trajectory of daily  activities.The ‘Legohaus’ combines two words, ‘ lego’ and ‘haus’, evoking the coming together of the individual pieces to make the whole, just as fragments of learning make the education of a student become whole. As each part of the building comes together they create the image of a face with one block representing a mouth, one an eye, one a nose and so forth.


Separate programs occupy separate parts. For example, the dorm is the ‘forehead’ because students are the head of the school and as the original Bauhaus did, we believe that designing good dwellings should be at the forefront of architectural education. The ‘Eye’ part is a museum, where works are presented and show how designers view the world through their own eyes. Each part is connected to the next by a bridge for people to transit through the whole building. 


The dorm is not only for resting but also for communication and research. All levels have common areas such as balconies or indoor lounges for chatting and brainstorming. Based on the solar orientation, the balconies face the south side to provide the shared spaces with plenty of natural light. The parking lot next to the dorms can also be used for students and visitors to the museum. Keeping the original bike trail across the site through the park on the west side, allows us to screen off  the existing railway.

The ‘Nose’ is taken by studios and offices. The ‘Mouth” houses the cafe and entertainment spaces such as the gaming room. The main access to the complex is through an interstitial space between the mouth and the nose. The Auditorium, Lab and resources room are located at the buildings  “Chin”, evoking the chin that one holds in one’s hand, when deep in thought and imagining the future of design.


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