BAUHAUS CAMPUS 2021 by Holubieva

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1949
Holubieva Iryna
Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture


The idea of creating the building’s shape and volume is based on a fragment of a Joost Schmidt’s poster for the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition. His composition was used for the construction of the main facade. This technique allows to keep the spirit of the Bauhaus style, the world famous school of architecture, in the proportions and accents of the designed building.
The ground floor houses public spaces such as an exhibition hall and a café with ancillary facilities. These spaces require special lighting, thus the use of large panoramic windows has been proposed. The design of the outer walls of these rooms is based on the use of glass pipes, which create distortion, an abstraction of what is behind it. When visitors come closer, the inner content of the first floor becomes clear to them and represents interesting play of reflections and light.
The residential and educational part of the campus starts on the second floor. The placement of the residential part on the main facade’s side is caused by the presence of a railway on the opposite side of the territory and the noise that comes from it. The residential part consists of two blocks connected by a public space. Implied that the dormitory will be used by either students or teachers, so such a division will allow all residents to live comfortably, and, if necessary, meet in a common space. All rooms are designed for two people.
The educational part of the building includes classrooms, workshops, a lecture hall and a library. In accordance with the modern realities of our life, a new approach to space, in which training takes place, has been developed. The approach is volume in volume. Classes in the form of glass cylindrical flasks. In such classes you can study alone or in a small company, depending on the circumstances. The glass physically fences off the people around it, but at the same time it allows you to remain part of the process that takes place outside the flask.
Assuming that part of the roof will be occupied by green spaces, the rest will be used by people.

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