Inheritance and Extension by Tamy Architects

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2974
Tamy Architects
Necdet Tankut Cerit
TU Wien
Xian Huang
TU Dresden

With the approach of “unity of art and technology”, Bauhaus has created its unique aesthetics, which combines the newest thing in that era– massive production together with modern art. In 21st century, we are trying to apply this main idea further to our design for Bauhaus Campus, however, with an extension—multi-functional usage of the spaces, integration into the society and environmental sustainability.
We hope that the campus can be integrated into the urban space and at the same time bring vitality to the environment.  For this reason, we have placed the main building at the south-east corner of the site, where most of the traffics and pedestrian reach it firstly. A small plaza is created there, followed by the main entrance of the campus—since that, all of the students, teachers, workers at the campus and the visitors, citizens can use it for an event, an assembly or a party. Through the main entrance, you will reach a huge yard with the exhibition building of a high foundation, which can be used as the place for students to take a small rest, as greenspace, or together with the terraced foundation as a campus event space. The workspace, auditorium, classrooms, cafeterias and the dormitory are arranged with an order of “active-quiet” from west to the north side of the main building. What’s more, the campus is mainly constructed with glass, steel and concrete which bring a clear, well-organized workspace to the campus, and represent the aesthetics of the Bauhaus.

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