Fluidez by harmonywyn

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4362
Wong Yan Ning
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fluidez, Dessau

An interactive building complex providing fluidity for knowledge exchange

The Concept

With the inspiration from the natural elements, the curvy artificial hills with gentle slopes are built to enclose the main building complex. Giving that the surrounding landscape is flat without distinctive elevations, it accommodates visiting individuals with green spaces and sustainable landscape structure. The slopes are connected to each floor, establishing a bridge for people wherever and whenever they want to relax and adding fluidity and dynamics for stimulating people’s interactions. The parametric wood structure on the exterior walls of the complex maintains the harmonious order of the environment.

Meanwhile, the first and second floor of the main building are adjoined to provide a central open space for large-scale bi-annually exhibitions, small discussions and curations with sufficient daylight. Workshops and classes can be launched in the closing space on these floors and the rooftop, while the ground floor remains its fluidity for instant pop-ups and gatherings. Cafeteria is located outside the auditorium main door with a gigantic shading. Small kitchen is constructed to serve refreshments.

Situated at the centre of Dessau, Germany, this versatile building complex is surrounded by multiple low-rise residential buildings. To provide more privacy and possible scenery in the area, dorms with large glass facade are located at the back of the complex, facing the train tracks so that they can enjoy the pleasant night scenery right next to the historical Bauhaus building and new Bauhaus museum.

The foldable canopy on the rooftop allows free wind flow and provides shading for both sunny and rainy days. Outdoor workshops can be carried out for students to get prepared with their works, like spraying and constructing models. Small exhibition for sculptures and models can be launched.


Green space connectives Students and professionals can take leisure time and breaks in between sharing. Greenery areas also cultivate small intellectual talks between individuals for raising relaxing conversations.

Stairs Staircases are connected to each floor inside the complex. Ideally, it is built in curves.

Auditorium (300m2) A curvy auditorium allows the optimal sound transmission from the speaking guests to the audience. More than 300 individuals can be accommodated with seats in a 300 m2 space.

Cafeteria (200m2) Another curvy location – Cafeteria, contains small kitchen with a few benches. The outdoor space provides visitors free-flow of fresh air. Visitors will feel recharged after a bit of snacks and coffee.

Dorms (1200m2) It provides 30 single rooms and 10 share rooms for guests and students with full hostel services. Guests and students can stay overnight in the campus to rest or work on their own projects.

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