Bauhaus Campus 2021 by Carolina Villanueva

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1798
Carolina Villanueva
Carolina Villanueva Campoy
Universidad de Monterrey UDEM

In this project, the Bauhaus Campus serves as a link between the historic Bauhaus buildings and the new museum (all marked in red on the map on the right) by connecting them directly through a painted pedestrian path.
As the campus welcomes people from all over the world that travel to develop new ideas, the pedestrian path also links the Dessau train station (marked with a yellow circle on the map on the right) to the most iconic space on the new campus: the exhibition area.
The main goal of this small urban intervention is to increase the sense of belonging to the area by connecting all the Bauhaus buildings to the new exhibition area.

For the volumetric design, climatic factors such as sun, wind, temperature, and lighting were analyzed to implement passive design systems that improve the comfort level of users.

The residence area can host up to 50 people in 24 small loft apartments equipped with everything needed to live. The building has six individual lofts, nine apartments for two people, and nine for three people.

The exhibition area is the most meaningful space on campus. The heights in this area are two meters higher than the rest of the building to make that importance visible, and the paths are organic and not orthogonal as in the rest of the campus.

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