EYE – HAND – BRAIN by hhmdl.karcong

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #1917
Nguyen Quang Linh
Hanoi Architectural University
Tran Minh Hieu
Hanoi Architectural University
Trinh Lan Huong
Hanoi Architectural University
Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai
Hanoi Architectural University
Vu Minh Duc
Hanoi Architectural University

Bauhaus has been playing an important role in living up to the city of Dessau. However, the fact that it is only considered as a peripheral tourist attraction stimulates us to breathe a new life into this place. The new Bauhaus Campus will become a hub for any architecture or Bauhaus enthusiasts, or merely ones with curiosity. The Campus will act as a FORUM, a community built by and for humans. No matter who you are, a passer-by, a stranger, a design lover, even an architecture expert, you will come to the hub anonymously with your bare & bold spirit of discovery and human-to-human connection. Everyone owns their story and experience, it is such diversity that plugs in and empowers the whole Campus, spreads the architectural inspiration beyond the city’s boundary, to every corner of the world.

“Great school doesn’t just teach, it inspires.”

The overall concept focuses on visitors’ real interaction by triggering & inspiring their human senses to the fullest. Our proposal separates the space by usage criteria: HAND – hands-on experience, EYE – exploratory experience, and BRAIN – learning & researching experience.

It will catch your EYE, thrill you to try your HAND, and put your MIND into it.

With the aim to attract the public, elements of the EYE space were embedded into the Campus. The external outstanding structure, also the visual impression, as we named it “Way of Inspiration”, will act as the spatial orientation, guiding the visitor throughout their ‘senses’ journey. This way, bridging the delinked Gropius road, over the railway, becomes the backbone to connect and unite the Campus’ functional departments.

The Exhibition – The Studying Space is a systematic structure, which mainly focuses on the EYE to HAND activities, the two blocks are not only tightly cooperated with a public ground as the buffer space, but also structurally connected through one void space and two buildings, which give the impression of the project’s operation.

The exhibit is not the work itself but how the work was made. Space where everyone gets down to think, design & create, is also where the vibrant heart of Bauhaus Campus 2021 lays, where the spirit of this creative community holds.

Beyond the definition of ‘code’, ‘traditional level’, the whole campus is one diverse hyperspace of panoramic view, where the internal circulation triggers curiosity and urges visitors towards their private discovery.

The ongoing experiences on the ground from the public studio will give a briefing view of how things were made: how to utilize the tools, how to draft a picture, or even engagement in an interactive activity to build a 1-1 ratio miniature. All the activities are open to guests from different backgrounds coming to try things with their own hands. Whether you start sketching a line or touching the model and ruining it, you are all welcomed. 

On the top where the knowledge gathers, this is so-called the place of learning, researching & concentration. At this height, the privacy is secured sufficiently as the nature of the BRAIN area. Towards personalization and originality, everyone can choose to select or create their own space, whether taking part in the discussion, joining a lecture, or merely enjoying yourself.

To further leverage the diversity of the Classroom block, we propose Learning Hubs with a high extent of openness, which can attract outdoor activities and reinforce indoor-outdoor interaction.

Last but not least, the interconnection of these three separate spaces will generate thorough operation within the Campus, while bolster action-based interaction between visitors and our project, facilitating the project’s inspirational spirit on its global journey.


Six Quadrangles: 

Based on the influence of the surrounding roads, five public courtyards and one common ground are created. Buildings can be placed in the remaining spaces.

Forms Interaction: 

 “Con đường truyền cảm hứng” là xương sống của khuôn viên, có chức năng như một trục dẫn hướng và tổ chức không gian tổng thể . T ông vị trí của mỗi khối được sắp xếp theo mức độ công-tư và được coi là theo hình dạng của đất.

  1. Thính phòng.
  2. Buổi triển lãm.
  3. Lớp học và Hội thảo.
  4. Nhà ăn
  5. Ký túc xá


Kết nối Hub 

Đặt lộn xộn trong khuôn viên trường dựa trên những khoảng sân được phân khu để phát huy tối đa sự sáng tạo và tinh thần học hỏi trải nghiệm. Đồng thời củng cố yếu tố điểm trong hình.

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