Evolving Mies Language Library by dre team

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22443
dre team
Zhuhai College of Science and Technology
Zhuhai College of Science and Technology

In this design, we try to create a new library with immersive viewing, which combines the curatorial installation in memory of Mies with the library. The library can attract a large number of people, while the curatorial installation and library The combination allows the public and the former architect Mies to provide a platform for mutual understanding and equal communication. Where people meet, there will be a space like “Life of Mies”, which allows the public to understand Mies’ life, his works, his vision, and his legacy. This will also supplement the needs of some of the school’s building space functions.

Although the deep meaning of this design does not lie in the design of the functional space of the building, we hope to propose an imagining of the future of the Mies language and create an evolutionary version of the architectural language to ease or fix the architectural design in the old language. crisis that has to be faced. This design can make people who think about Mies devote themselves to the spiritual inheritance and innovation of Mies language.

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