Education Reflection by SR Design

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2733
SR Design
Mohamed Alaa Mohi Eldean Abo Elnaga
AinShams university
Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Aziz
AinShams university
Amro Ahmed Ahmed Morsi
AinShams university
Mohammed khaled mohammed khalifa
AinShams university
Islam mohamed el sayed el ashwah
AinShams university


The current Educational System has been embedded over since the industrial revolution to “mass produce students who are treated equally, and are given standard curriculums in various fields with no consideration to their actual fields of interest We’ve applied these systems into buildings and spaces that look more like prisons, than learning units. The result generations of students who hate schools


Social Education

  •   Level1 :
    Meet with the local citizen and inspire from their problems and their openion from the current architecture situation
  • Level 2
    Students teams gathering the ideas and discuss how to solve it
  • Level 3
    studio for applying the social ideas  Bauhaus inspiration
  • Level 2
    Students teams gathering the ideas and discuss how to solve it
  • Level 3
    studio for Appling the bauhaus ideas developments
  • Material inspiration
    Level1 :                              Inspiring from material show room formed by the recycling station
  •                Level 2
    Students teams gathering the ideas and discuss how to solve it
  •                Level 3
    studio for applying the new ideas
  • Level b
    Making a cooperative sessions and presentation between the students and host the outer jury sessions
  • Level b
    Making space near to the exhibition and the gathering area for the campus to make the staff enhancing with the students and form one cooperative society
    Exhibition Area
  • Level b
    Making a flexible exhibition area integrated  with the social life of the city throw cutting it with the bicycle road  can be as social spot for the country as the architecture is life experience with the society


Train treatment

Ground based wind turbines

  • The device, called a T-Box, differs in that it is designed to be installed within the actual railing track itself. It consists of a durable metallic cylinder with vents, which allow air to flow through and rotate turbine blades housed inside.
  • a 1000 meter stretch of railroad can be retrofitted with about 150 T-boxes.
  • Considering that a train barreling down at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour creates winds of roughly 15 miles a second, the T-boxes could generate 2.6 KwH of electricity.


  • A panels made of thousands of LEDs which lights up when touched by water.
  • When it touches the frame of a LED, water creates an electrical bridge bringing the power required to light up the LED embedded under the surface. The wetter it is, the brighter it gets.
  • This opportunity finally becomes a new kind of interaction with urban architecture. By mixing a natural element and technology.

Water Treatments

  • As the context affected by the rain for high percentage we made cooperative shade with the irrigation system to enhance the efficiency

Bicycle way treatment

  • Getting the bicycle road cutting the street and make it enhance with the building design shades and also work as rest area
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