Ecology and Teamwork: a New Unity by The Regular

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1533
The Regular
Frederico Guita
Instituto Superior Técnico
Matilde Frada Almeida
Instituto Superior Técnico , Lisbon

Ecology and Teamwork: a New Unity


Collective work is our new CREDO!

As Walter Gropius manifesto concerned the unity of arts and industry, the aim of the new Bauhaus is Ecology and Teamwork: a New Unity.


Surrounded by a green park with a lake and multiple paths, the school campus presents itself as a green lung next to the railway line in Dessau, the iconic

Bauhaus building by Walter Gropius and the new Bauhaus Museum by Addenda Architectes.


The campus is composed by a continuum of spaces such as a building with dorms really next to the one having space for classes and workshops and to the tower with exhibitions space as well as cafetaria.


The goal is to develop a community for creativity and that students feel part of this coeherent whole. They experience a new way of living, in which they inhabitate as well develop themselves. Furthermore, the students show their personality to the world through their ehxibitions spaces.


The interior of the classes and workshops building reveals itself as an open space to promote freedom in order to improve their creativity and the collective work. The interior organization for service spaces in the workshops/classes building is defined by the back off of the fassade. In the case of the dorms, the fassade is moved forward to define the common gathering spaces like kitchen and living room for the students.


Given to functional reasons, desire of versatility of space and pandemic situation these days, a piece, namely a movable panel was designed to adjust the interior space to several activities such as group works or exhibitions.

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