X-TEAM by Koliegy

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5377
Ivan Andreiko
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Vita Khmyz
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Polina Sivak
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Anastasia Chorna
Lviv Polytechnic National University
The new Bauhaus campus located between Bauhaus school and Bauhaus museum.
The aim of our project is to revive and revise the principles and ideas of the Bauhaus in accordance with the requirements of the modern world.
Master plan
The area is located between the Walter Gropius Bauhaus School and the newly built Bauhaus Museum. This is a truly unique place, which seems to be located between the XX and XXI centuries.
New campus continues development of Bauhaus process of the progress. Today, simplification of knowledge sharing and communication – all the changes that have also taken place through quarantine, only complement the idea of Bauhaus – functionalism.
The plot has an unusual form and our team decided to highlight it by the location of buildings. In addition, we needed to solve the problem of sound insulation and vibration caused by the railway tracks, located near the site. Therefore, the configuration of buildings was influenced not only by the form of the plot but also by the principles of acoustics.
Campus consists of few buildings arranged in a special way so that there is no echo in the yard.
The complex of buildings includes the main campus in which are concentrated the basic social processes, workshops, research centers, dormitories, private educational institutions located on seven floors and private offices located on the last two upper levels.
Research center and workshops create a buffer zone for sounds and vibrations, reducing the impact to the dormitory and making living there more comfortable.
We provided the places in landscape where students can grow, observe and explore plants in context of the research center.
All roofs have a function: entertainment, sound protection, energy supply (solar panels)
The main campus is a two-store building where concentrates the basic social processes. The main front is a glass construction, absolutely in line with the Bauhaus ideas, moreover, it reduces the energy consumption and provides insolation.
Exhibition space is an atrium surrounded by classes, administrations rooms, cafe, library etc.
Accent of main campus is a transitions between the opposite parts of the building.
Classes are separated by mobile partitions allowing to combine them together. All classes also have cameras and tripods for recording lessons for students studying remotely. The lecturer is filmed with a camera for broadcasting online lectures.
Students on the new campus can constantly try new things thanks to the availability of different spaces for different activities.
The rooms are equipped with various crafts (weaving, metalworking, sculpture etc.).
The foyer is a place for exhibitions, communication to students and work discussions.
Research center
We wanted to create a space where to create innovation.
Here, like-minded people can constantly develop, exchange new knowledge, create innovations, and the building are in harmony with the environment.
A place where students and teachers learn how sound, light and plants interact with architecture. There is an open laboratory for everyone, closed laboratories with technical equipment, storage facilities, an auditorium for lectures and discussions.
The location of the workshops and research center was not chosen by chance. We wanted to emphasize the shape of our territory, to make a buffer zone out of them that would take over the general flow of sound and vibration in order to reduce the amount of sound and echo vibrations.
The roof of the workshop building was equipped with a corrugated roof with a noise-absorbing soil covering. We have also provided for the construction of a hinged green facade which also filters the air from dust, absorbs unwanted sounds and just creates an aesthetic look from railway side.
A two-store building, consisting of rooms of different configurations.
On the ground floor there are rooms for teachers, a laundry room, a gym, smart apartments for people who will be here for a long time.
On the second floor there are rooms for students and a kitchen, which is connected to a recreation room, whe

re students can cook, eat and relax together.
On the roof there are solar panels that provide part of the energy needed for the building.
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