ECO-MIX by balticstretegy

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22388
Jonathan Liebers
Hochschule Wismar, Germany

The new ECO-MIX library Building should make the campus more alive and social, be high efficient in terms of energy use and production, should combine classic library functions with space for new methods of learning and be an example for ecological material use.

The crossroad is understood as most interactive space of the campus to create new focuspoint for visitors. The building is separating in 2 zones, a quiet and an official zone, to create different exterior characters on the usual monotone appearing campussite. The creation of windows from the Mies Collection to the main traffic points of the campus should demand interest and curiousity of the passing visitors.

The usage of the rooftops as solar panel surfaces, wind wheel space, water collectors and green terraces should maximize the energysupplying and social use of the building.

An urban gardening and forestzone should be created to add a variaty of green land scape characters to the face of the city.

The new building is forming a new place and a new green courtyard,

which is used as interaction zone for everybody with new volleyball field.

The building is constructed by recycled steel from the rust belt area and local woods (american pine), regional materials with short ways of production and ecological potential for urban mining and cradle to cradle planning.

The Interior is divided in three zones, a loud Zone for interaction (new added Foyer, Auditorium, experimental parts of the library), a quiet Zone (classic use of the library, workstations, carrels) and the functional zone of the reception, bathrooms, copyrooms and escaping staircases, which divide the loud and quiet zone as a sound barrier.

The new building should combine classic library functions with new methods of learning, while it increases the social factors of the campus and functions in an ecological manner (energysupplying rooftops, construction in materials, which are either renewable raw materials or recyceled materials.)

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