Connections by ARCHInspirer

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2829
Alison Chan
The University of Hong Kong
Nicole Wong
The University of Hong Kong
Gloria Ha
The University of Hong Kong
Queenie Foo
The University of Hong Kong
Jackie Cheung
The University of Hong Kong
Melody Ho
The University of Hong Kong

Our design concept is connection, which is to stimulate new ideas through conversation. It is not only about circulation, but also about human interaction. Responding to the triangular site, our design consists of a focal point (an open area with water installation) as the heart of the campus, around which are three zones – the living zone (dome), the learning zone (auditorium, classrooms and workshops), and the display zone (exhibition centre). By putting zones performing different functions at the three corners of the triangular site, not only is the whole site utilised, it also prompts people to explore around. Besides, the shapes of the buildings are designed to guide circulation such that different areas are still closely connected.

Strengthening people’s interaction is an important aspect in our design as communication is the key to spark new ideas. The exhibition centre, being a crucial place to showcase students’ work, is an open and engaging pavilion to invite everyone in. While there are more intimate spaces for reviews and crits, there are also outdoor spaces for displaying large scale models. It is also the place with the highest ceiling height to suggest the hierarchy of spaces.For the dorm, despite being the most private area, the interaction between students is valued. Being in a z-shape, boys’ and girls’ quarters are connected through a communal space facing two common courtyards on both sides. The rooms also speak the same language with an interior gathering space and a balcony between two adjacent rooms.

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