Change within the Unchanged by block E

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #4395
block E
Wee Si Ying
Taylor's University
Alyssa Lou Mei Lin
Taylor's University
Kashinie Subramaniam
Taylor's University
Go Xze Shean Andrea
Taylor\'s University, Malaysia
Daryl Goon Kin Kit
Taylor\'s University, Malaysia
Hong Junn Keat
Taylor\'s University, Malaysia

The relevance of the Bauhaus and their philosophies were not isolated to a singular period in history. One of their paramount ideologies allowed an unprecedented amalgamation of disciplines and championed progressivity in the architectural field. ‘Change within the Unchanged’ aims to embody that same progressive ideology. With schools being a reflection of society’s constant development, significance is placed on reinventing the current architectural syllabus to suit today’s knowledge economy.

“Obsession with originality weakens architecture.” Instead, we should focus on improving on building from existing knowledge of our predecessors. Our proposal aims to carry over the significance of the original Bauhaus campus. Through its reinterpretation, we are attempting to further explore its spatial potential within the original building footprint by utilising the principles of Bauhaus in a modern day context.

This design embraces the notion of democratic space through spatial adaptability and cross pollination across different disciplines. Spaces are fluidly conceived for flexibility, connectivity, and opportunities for social and educational encounters , effectively facilitating stronger intellectual connections within heterogeneous groups.

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