Beyond Gravity by syk

This project was submited to the Mies Memorial Library competition with Registration ID #22578
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hanyang university erica

Knowledge should always be central. A library that changes its form is a space that contains knowledge. Just as Miss unravels the spirit of the times into her architecture, we hope that the concept of libraries and knowledge that we think of will appear spatially. We imagine a three-dimensional fixed library in Miss’s master plan. The library we want is a space that is a little more open, active, and full of stories about misses.
The anti-gravity structure will be our main structural form. We will actively accept Miss’s building formation method that exists around the site. When he used the method of using beams and beams, he judged that it was the form that could best blend with the surrounding context. This structural form was changed to the material (MISS loved) and scale applicable to the actual building and applied to the entire structural system. When the structure below is embedded underground, the library at the top has a three-dimensional, air-fixed shape that we initially wanted. Formally overlapping spaces create various scenes from each other.
This is the Miss Memorial Library. Right next to the site is the IIT library. The library we will design should have a different character from the existing library. Atrium, which connects all floors at the center of the library, will be at the center of the library, where everyone can talk about miss and discuss miss. Such lecture or discussion sounds will spread throughout the library and can be shared by everyone in the building. In addition, spaces such as Book Collection can only accommodate selected people, but the space extends to the ground floor so that everyone can see the space.
We hope that our structural method will be revealed in the face. Our structural method, or anti-gravity structure made of steel, will constitute our building facade as a symbol. The four steel beams that make up the upper part will exist while supporting the library floor. The columns configured in the vertical direction will float in the air and will not touch the floor. Our library, which has been placed in the air like this, will further strengthen its identity.


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