BAUHAUS: Nowadays by a2arch

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2949
Alexandra Knezovičová
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava
Alexandra Hurtoňová
Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava

As Gropius once said – “ the goal of the Bauhaus is not a style, system, dogma, canon, recipe or fashion.  It will live as long as it does not depend on form, but continues to seek behind changing forms the fluidity of life itself.” How can space respond best to changes in society and its current requirements? The concept is constructed in a way that many artistic branches – traditional or modern, find their background in it. Flexible design that is reminiscent of a factory, responds to current requirements, changes, and individual artistic disciplines with openness and flexibility. Its openness allows connection across all branches, students, teachers but also to anyone passing by who might be interested in sharing their ideas. The concept offers a creative space for everyone. The creative and working space overflows in between the individual classes and serves as an exhibition space at the same time. The main exhibition space, intended mainly for the public, is located in a “circle” which directly leads into the basement area and connects the buildings. The living area located in the tower is separated from this space. Students, teachers, and potential guests will find their space here.

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