This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4551
Mingmin Shen
Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Xinghang Fu

BACKGROUND: Postwar social situation: ▪ Postwar society is dominated by the power of capital ▪ Popular mass production and simple standardization ▪ The art of machine assimilation inhibits human creativity Gropius Initial Position: for the in conformity of social reality, wanted to intervene. He proposed the “New Unity of Art and Technology” to be a binding force and to provide an alternative solution to society. And that’s where Bauhaus came in.

CURRENT SITUATION: At present, technology power capital is still a contradiction of the world. The upper level still determines the world rules. Machine technology becomes network technology. Advantages: knowledge is more widely disseminated, speech is free, and people can directly participate in knowledge production. Disadvantages: more detailed disciplines, clear division of fields, leading to universities, advanced research institutions become a knowledge monopoly. The current learning environment is not more open but specific knowledge that each individual should master. Instead of exploring knowledge and ourselves, we focus more on learning planned courses, acquiring higher degrees, and gaining a voice in this field.

MAIN POINT: Our new Bauhaus concept still follows Gropius’s original Bauhaus concept, making art and knowledge civilian. The school’s teaching focuses on the exploration of individuals and themselves.

TEACHING MODEL: offline (mainly for exploration)1: 120-160 students come here to know what they like what they interested in (Rough Role Setting) 2:study in Bauhaus Campus explore themselves 3:choose their employment 4:get the certification 5:systematic learning (apprenticeship system) (online or other schools) 

online (mainly for the job) 1:systematic learning (apprenticeship system) or part-time study (work-study program) 2:subject system ( make up for the lack of apprenticeships) ↓3:get the certification

TEACHING SPACE PURPOSE:▪ A space centered on personal interests, personal experiences, and feelings (intervention in private life). Get along with yourself. Identify your interests with others ▪ The search for spiritual fullness ▪ Developing Small Communities ▪ A relationship in which teachers and students co-create, research, and criticize each other ▪ Teachers provide experience and skills, and students offer new ideas.


1Curriculum Provision:(art)painting psychology music theory… (science)mathematics biology physical chemistry… (x subject)Unknown subjects are entered by teachers from other institutions (architecture)interior environment art architecture urbanism landscape engineer… (design)photography sculpture interaction material Industrial design…(craft)weaving dye installation art furniture manufacture…

2Exploration Zone:

1 explore yourselves: sports area gym swimming pool dance room music theatre cinema chapel meditation room

2ikea area: experience area IKEA area, Everyone can enter the AreaArea to experience works designed by Bauhaus students

3Shared Area: workshop auditorium co-study exhibition cafeteria library

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