4399 by Barro

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4399
Israel Filipe Figueiredo Romero Fernandes
Lusiada Lisboa
Verónico Ngueza do Espirito Santo Miguel
Lusiada Lisboa
Jacimar Jorge Francisco da Costa
Lusiada Lisboa
The proposal starts from the interception of a clear and simple main volume that establishes a relationship with the Bauhaus Museum Dessau and a set of fractured volumes that do reference to the fractures of the Bauhaus Dessau itself.
The project begins with a glass front in the NE-SW direction that suggests a continuation of the urban fabric of the city, having an intermediate urban scale, between the surrounding buildings  and the size of the square they from, in which are oriented and organized classrooms in the NE facade, this volume is intercepted by a succession of massive blocks of dark concrete with a texture inspired on the paint Autumn Atmosphere by Paul Klee , where each one plays an aesthetic and programmatic role, thus encompassing the Exhibition room, Cafeteria, Workshops and Auditorium, with a volumetric character perpendicular and suspended over the void that the box of glass and the green space created by the volume of earth extracted from the buried floor and the foundation of the building. they also perform the function as an insulating element from the noise coming from the SE train line, where the green space in its slight inclination works as a leisure area for students.
The Project also defines a water tower, administration and viewpoint, facing the city with two focus points which are: bauhaus and the Bauhaus Museum-, as well as for water replenishment and building maintenance. 
The Floor - 1 where the dormitories are organized, is a totally exclusive and private floor with a restricted Patio that interrelates in a system of balconies.
The project communicates with each other in a system of glass galleries and paths that unite both horizontal and vertical circulation through sculptural stairs throughout the project.
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