Bauhaus future campus by Squared A

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5333
Squared A
Anastasiia Berseneva
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
Alina Krits
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

The project was created using sustainable approach (reuse of bricks and green energy). It was also important for us to fit a new campus into surrounding reality. After our research (below) of the height of the buildings and the problems the site has we decided to push the buildings down and to make a natural noise protection out of the land from the hollow. We made a private campus courtyard where students in the nearest future will be able to show their holography projects.   

It is possible to divide old bricks out of the cement mortar mechanically (with chisel) or using acids (HCl, H2SO4 e.t.c.)

The decision to make the low-rise campus appeared after the analysis of surroundings. It came out that buildings next to the site are around two-storied house. Thus, to fit the campus into the environment and protect it from rail way noise we made the campus low-rise also.

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