Bauhaus Campus 2021 by Nurkebayeva Elmira

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6652
Nurkebayeva Elmira
Elmira Nurkebayeva
Elmira Nurkebayeva

The project of the campus of the Higher School of Construction and Design –
Bauhaus is presented to your attention. Within the walls of the Bauhaus, teachers and
students will have comfortable conditions for their study, creativity, to improve their
knowledge and skills in architecture, sculpture, and painting.
In this campus, the main zones are functionally, simply, and harmoniously
combined: the zones of the educational building and the dorms.
The educational building has spacious classes, workshops, an auditorium, and an
exhibition hall. And the center of the composition of the educational building in the area of the auditorium, which is presented in the form of a Cup, symbolizing the inexhaustible Cup of knowledge. The classes and workshop area is solidly shaped and features multiple windows and natural light. The static nature of these forms symbolizes the fundamental foundations of architecture, and the multitude of windows and light symbolizes transparency, lightness, and openness to everything new.
The building of the dorms has comfortable rooms for students, kitchens, dining rooms, and lounges. The total area of the campus is 6019 sq.m. The main materials for the construction of the complex were chosen: concrete, metal, glass,
polycarbonate, etc.

Ground Floor Plan 1: 1000
3rd Floor Plan 1: 1000
4th Floor Plan 1: 1000
2nd Floor Plan 1: 1000
Auditorium 390 sq.m
Workshops 950 sq.m
Workshops 576 sq.m
Exhibition hall 316 sq.m
Exhibition hall 316 sq.m
Exhibition hall 316 sq.m
Exhibition hall 316 sq.m
Cafeteria 416 sq.m
Classes 366 sq.m
Classes 546 sq.m
Dorms 924 sq.m
Dorms 587 sq.m

Nurkebayeva Elmira
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Satbayev University

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