Bauhaus as an Idea generator by Siranat.J

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6641
Siranat Jirayudul

Bauhaus Revival

When we talk about Bauhaus. Most of the time we will think about Modernism and Abstract art. But there is more into it. Bauhaus is one of the most Important movement in Art history. It is the Symbol of Modern art and also the Model for many Art school around the world. So In order to recreate Bauhaus again. This project aims to Revive Bauhaus’s Core Idea, Rethink about what is Bauhaus and Adapt it with present context.

The First step is to “Rethink” about Bauhaus to find its Unique Characteristics. Then Consider the Context that will effect the Project. The last step is to connect them together. Now we can see the connection emerged from the process which will lead the way in designing this Project.

Bauhaus as an Idea Generator

1.Idea come from 3 main parts. Knowledge, Experience and Creativity. Working with each others to create an idea. The campus building wings will be grouping as these 3 parts. connected by idea zone as a junction.

2.In order to achieve these 3 parts in the most efficient way. You need to do it by yourself (Focus) and exchanging with others (Interaction).This will make the Idea generation have more varieties. Each wing will get their additional interacting space and focusing space.

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