BACK TO FUTURE the representation of regional tectonic by Super Studio Jr.

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #5088
Super Studio Jr.
TungHai University,TAIWAN
TungHai University,TAIWAN
TungHai University,TAIWAN
TungHai University,TAIWAN
TungHai University,TAIWAN
TungHai University,TAIWAN

In the new era of globalization, how to redefine the regional culture is a trend that we believe should be reflected in this era, starting from the old industrial city of Dessau, where the Bauhaus campus is located. We reconsider our architectural thinking to the “region”, looking for how the form of the place constitutes to representation everything about that piece of land — the natural environment, urban context and historical memory.The arrangement of the curriculum to respond to the city based on regional construction, which is divided into three aspects:
Study of Natural Environment responds to the relevance of natural climate and architecture in cities
Study of History and Culture responds to local traditions, Dessau’s development history and society
Study of Urban Fabric to sort out the existing chaotic state of the city due to development


We hope that this school is the exchanged place for the knowledge and information. As a result, in our design, we put emphasis on the possibility of blending every spaces. At the same time, they can be distinguished by their different hierarchy.We create a plaza which face on the street corner to attract the surrounding residents to participating the activities in the school and use the slope to connect every space which is constituted by several platforms to blend every discussion space. We define our campus as a field that total urban information are connected, the void of the plaza is capable for forming a place where students and the residents share their moments. The rest of the levels around provides space for every volunteers to share out their thoughts.Makes the campus contains an three dimensional communication.


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