AUSBLENDEN by Clinomaniacs

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2847
Amey Patokar
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
Sejal Wadhawan
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
Jaskaran Singh Pandha
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
Radha Sahdev
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi



One of the fundamental principles that Bauhaus focused upon was “Gesamtkunstwerk” or “total design”, as reinstated by Walter Gropius. The concept proposes an ideal work of art in which various arts and crafts are integrated and each is subservient to the whole. As the world is progressing, these avenues of integration are flourishing more than ever. Our project aims to be a progressive step towards accomplishing the ideal. Our vision behind this project is to develop a comprehensive and integrated space for all its users by redefining the physical boundaries that persist. By blurring such physical as well as metaphorical lines among the users and spaces, we strive to bring them closer to one another as well as nature and their surroundings to create such an ambience of enhanced learning, creativity and empiricism.


Taking the concept of transition beyond circulation, such that even learning at the campus would transcend physical boundaries. Through a provision for students to observe people interact with their displayed work, the learning process doesn’t remain bound by the walls of the classes.

The spaces are placed in close proximity in a unified volume to create overlaps in terms of function and establish a uniform language. Each space acknowledges the different spaces in its context and responds accordingly, thus, challenging the boundaries of the space itself.


Open classrooms serve their formal purpose when needed and can be used as informal interactive spaces during the rest of the day.

Modular exhibition space allows for easier transformations to best suit the required purpose. It allows for the feasibility of free circulation across the entire space.


Competitions, with their ability to surpass the age criteria, have become an integral part of the education process.  The campus would display a pavilion chosen through a competition conducted annually to promote exploration.

With modern developments leaning towards virtual and augmented realities, the campus is aimed to complement this progress. The subtle form would provide a space for this development to take place.

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