This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6805
Puwan Wattanajarungrat

nowaday architecture is going through all the solutions as far as possible if we are stepping backward and see what is actually a proper solution for architecture, urbanism, or people. Bauhaus campus includes many education departments that work or study in similar architecture or space that must serve or permit them on learning from each other. campus as a micro-city,
differences character, use and situation of a node will make scholar or lecturer
learning and apply the creativity of each other, learning in how different there were and how others should be. more of node (interactive space) surface that arranges from small route to bigger route will raise to space perception.

triangle publication is the tool of relation to make an interactive space by the unexpected situation.
when the activity appears up, it’s not about people
that are participating in but it’s important about how
strangers or others are going to join or interact with.
a stranger would have a conversation with the others when there something happening in time,
it works like a triangle, and this situation will happen if there is some proper space to handle it.

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