Bauhaus Campus 2021 Within the Landscape by Simaza

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2953
Simaza Najji
Carleton university

The vision for Bauhaus Campus 2021 proposes a sustainable engaging campus with sloped accessible green roofs that promote the idea of building within the land. This allows users to expand their experience and creative inspiration by being in constant touch with nature. The campus is a collection of freestanding buildings that offer a journey through the landscape and program spaces. Inspired by the achievements of the Bauhaus, the design bridges two eras through elegant simplicity and sustainability recalling a sense of 1919 Bauhaus while responding and acknowledging critical current concerns requiring a re-envisioning of our engagement with the natural environment. The transparent curtain walls blur the line between inside and outside and serve to further promote engagement with nature. The greenery is not limited to the exterior of the buildings, trees and vertical gardens throughout several spaces highlight the inner spaces designed to be as engaging and interactive as the exterior. Neutral colours are used throughout creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The exhibition area is the main celebratory space at the highest level, accessible from all the buildings from the exterior and the interior, emphasizing its importance while offering exhibitions of the students work and engaging views of the campus and city beyond.

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