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      First time rookie here. I´m from Chile. This is my first architectural competition, and I´m going solo. If there are any other people who are also in their first architectural competition and don´t know what to expect (kinda like me), we could chat and talk architecture. Well that goes for anyone who wants to talk architecture. This is my Instagram @jose_fuentesr.
      Best of luck to everybody!

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      Hi Jose Miguel! Glad you chose this to be your first architecture competition 🙂
      We hope you find the experience enriching. We are definitely looking forward to see what you come up with for this brief!

      Do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do for you, and if you want to start a converstation about the project or the Bauhaus itself, feel free to do so at the “work in progress” forum, we are sure others will jump right in, at least we know we will! 😉

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      Yanina Muñoz

      Hola José, estoy en la misma situación. Primer concurso y sola. Te saludo desde Argentina!

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      Fun fact, so far 30% of registered teams are “solo” teams, so you might be “solo”, but are not alone! 😉

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      My name is Carmen and I´m sending regards from Galicia, Spain. Also solo!

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