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      Izabela Moura

      Hi Arkitekturo, how are you?
      We are Minerva Civil, a Brazilian competition team of civil engineering and architecture. Well, we have a doubt about posting stories from the Bauhaus Campus 2021. To get coupon we would like to post 3 different stories on different days. We believe that posting on different days will be more reach for our followers.

      And, due pandemic, ou campus is blocked not being possible pin them up around our school at this moment, so we would like instead, make a great post in our LinkedIn.

      These action (Instagram + LinkedIn) is valid to get discount?

      Thank you in advance!

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      Hello Izabela,

      Thank you for reaching out to us with your observations and suggestions. We are glad to hear you will be joining the competition with a team from different disciplines, we love to see that!

      We understand the situation makes it difficult to pin up posters at many schools, it’s a shame… Unfortunately there is little we can do about it.

      We are happy to take your LinkedIn publication idea, please send us the link when you publish it so that we can check it, and we’ll count it as if it was an Instagram publication. As for the instagram stories themselves, you need to publish 3 of them in order to get the discount, and if you feel publishing them on different days will be better that’s ok for us too, you know your followers better than we do 🙂

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