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      Senem Doğru

      I’d like to state that I am a recently-graduated Interior Architecture and I was wondering the importance of the architectural infos such as site analysis/constructional techniques and decisions in the competition. Or more clearly, is this project suitable for the people who studies/studied Interior Architecture -or mainly for Architects?-

      Thank you so much for your time!

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      Hello Senem,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us.

      The brief is specially tailored toward architecture students. However, since this is an ideas competition and proposals don’t have to go into construction and structural details, just concept, students from other fields are also welcomed to participate. We know there are a few interior design students, as well as civil engineering students who have already joined.

      That being said all participants must be students, and since you mentioned you are a recent graduate, that would make you ineligible, unless you were currently enrolled to a masters program and such program started withing 18 months of you graduating.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions 😉

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      Aryan Gupta

      I’d like to state that I have recently-graduated in Architecture and I was wondering to participate in this competition but your eligibility criteria make me ineligible,
      If you are allowing master’s student with a clause of 18 months, it’s a request to apply it to recently graduated architects too.

      Thank you for giving you consideration to this query.

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        Hello Aryan,

        Thank you for reaching out about your eligibility situation.

        The only reason why we have the 18 months rule is because in some countries the architecture studies are divided in an undergraduate program + master, which is not optional. You don’t become an architect until you complete that masters, and so you are basically working towards becoming an architect even though you are technically enrolled in a masters. Some countries have a 5 year undergraduate program, others have a 4 year undergraduate program + 1 year masters. That is why we allow masters students to participate, and the 18 months rule guarantees that if Norman Fosters decides to go back to school and enrolls in a masters program, he wont be eligible to participate (That probably won’t happen, it’s an extreme example, but it proofs the need for that rule).

        The education systems around the world are very different and it’s hard to consider all the possible combinations. We know our eligibility criteria is not perfect, but our goal is to make the competition fair for students, including those in first and second year of university.

        In the future we might consider a separate category for young graduates, but as of now our competitions are specially tailored toward students.

        Really sorry! Good luck!

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