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      Luke Groom

      Hi everyone!

      My name is Luke Groom, one of a team of six students from the UK; Witold (Witek), David, Cesar, Tom and Josh. We are all students at Nottingham Trent University and are so grateful to be a part of this competition! We’re all very excited to start the process and are very passionate about our ideas!

      David, Cesar, Tom, Josh and I are all third years currently working on our final year programmes with Tom, Cesar and David working on a Heavenly mansions studio project and Josh and I working on a civic laboratory of change brief. Witek is our second year team member currently working on an interesting hybrid housing project based in Bristol.

      Within my brief I have been working heavily with the community, viewing my library as a library of craft, housing workshops to weave in a partner element of skateboarding into the fabric of not only my design but the existing fabric of the community.

      Please feel free to contact any of us on our email: minorplusminor@gmail.com to know more as we’d all love to chat to you and learn more about the other amazing people involved here and your projects! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Hello Witek team!

      You guys have such an interesting mix of interests. We are sure this will make for a very interesting project which we are eager to see! Welcome to the Mies Memorial Library competition! ๐Ÿ™‚

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