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      As you probably already know from our mission statement, arkitekturo aims be an academic experience. This means, above anything else, the most important thing to us is that all participants learn something from this experience. Whether it was researching Mies’s work on your own, working with your teammates, studying projects from other participants or reading the feedback from the jury, our highest hope is that by the time this competition ends, we might all be a little bit wiser, and hopefully, a little bit better architects.

      With that in mind we believe that getting the opportunity to see and study every single project submitted to the competition before the winners are announced can be a valuable learning experience, allowing you to form your own opinions, without being influenced by the jury’s decision.

      We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions on this forum if you wish to start a debate. Did you find a project you love? A clever solution to a problem you faced yourself? Share it! Did you find a project that’s similar to yours? One you think could be improved? Share that too! As long as your comments are polite and constructive, all kinds of opinions are welcome 😊

      Keep in mind if you critique a project without offering constructive feedback, your comment might be removed from the forum. Comments such as “I don’t like project X” will not be accepted, instead try something like “I don’t quite understand some of the decision project X made. I believe they could have achieved a better solution by doing Y and Z”. The community will appreciate it, and you’ll be amazed by how much you can learn from yourself by simply taking a minute to provide constructive feedback 😉

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      Goodnight everyone.

      They mentioned that we can see the projects, before the winners are announced. Where can we see them?


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