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      What is the area of ​​each site 1, 2, and 3?


      Greetings from Colombia!

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      Hi there!

      The site of the suggested areas is hard to tell exactly, are the limits of such sites are not strictly defined either. The IIT campus is an open space with no fences and the outdoors space is usually divided and organized by the roads and pedestrian paths. There is no rule to tell how close to the road you can build, or how important a pedestrian path is (maybe they can be integrated into the project itself like it happens in the Mccormic Tribune building).

      That being said, in the DWG file that is available in the downloads sections you’ll find a floorplan of the entire campus with a graphic scale to help you measure any distance you might need, including the sides of the proposed sites (up until were you consider their limits should be).

      Although measurements and being precise is always important in architecture, don’t forget this is an ideas competition, so concept and spatial relationships are more important that being a few centimeters off!

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