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      Zofia Czaplicka

      I’m really interested in the competition and would love to be a part of it. Me and my team are currently wondering if we could invite an academic professor or two to serve as the groups guardian. The idea and the project would be created independently by us of course, and said professor/professors would not be members of the team. Their main purpose would be the verification of the idea and the solutions used in it. This would also help to get us funding from the University as a project without an academic tutor serving as a guardian is not considered an official competition team.
      Best regards,
      Zofia Czaplicka

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      Hello Zofia,

      Of course, just like with any other project, you can get advice from whomever you consider appropriate, your teachers, other students who are more advanced in their studies… as long as all the members of the team are students and eligible to participate in the competition, there is no restriction as for whom you can consult during your design process.

      Remember though that these people will not be credited on your project, as only the team members will be listed as authors.

      Hope this helps!
      The arkitekturo team

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