Hello Magali,

Sure thing, we are sorry about any confusion we might have caused.

Your project must indeed be presented in just one single A2 panel. Nahuel was probably asking how many boards could be presented, and the answer to that question is just one.

Your single presentation board will probably contains everal pieces of information. For example, your board might include a main render, a floorplan, a section and a paragraph of text. What we ask is that you submit your A2 panel, and then also upload all those pieces of information individually aswell. So in that case you would upload:

  • One file with your A2 panel
  • and then

  • One file with only your render
  • One file with only your floorplan
  • One file with only your section
  • Your text

So in the end the only information you will be submiting is the one on your A2 panel, nothing more.

We ask to receive all the pieces of information indivdually because it makes it easier to publish them on architecture websites, blogs and magazines.

Hope this makes sense. Please let us know if you need any further clarification.

The arkitekturo team