TIMELESS by Lirizo Design

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6767
Lirizo Design
Karen Sofia Juárez Zúñiga
Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila - Facultad de Arquitectura Unidad Saltillo
Ricardo Santoyo Vidales
Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila - Facultad de Arquitectura Unidad Saltillo
Liliana Deyanira González Ruiz
Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila - Facultad de Arquitectura Unidad Saltillo

The Timeless Campus occupies a large space in the center of the city of Dessau. It is a place characterized by the important quest to represent the educational space. In addition to creating a cultural space, it allows for recreational spaces that are used not only by students, but also by anyone who wishes to explore the campus.


  • Analogy: Hourglass
  • Keywords: Fusion and transparency
  • Basis: Study of Sigmund Freud’s theory of progress and rejection.
  • Explanation: Use of the hourglass to represent the flow of progress and its movement, its transparency and the fusion it creates. Use of an old ideology of Sigmund Freud to understand that a person cannot develop to the next stages as an individual, if it does not learn to detach itself emotionally and intellectually from what he already has, (Design progress with the rejection of the “mother” history) and learn to identify and move forward taking advantage of new tools and modern changes in history. Theory described architecturally by Bayer.

Modulation of the residence with greater height hierarchy represents the first stage of an artist.

Conceptualization of the hourglass, beginning of the transformation process. Defending how the area moves from module to module. Second stage of the student, on the thin line of learning and detachment.

Sum of hierarchy in height, because it also represents the importance of learning.

Union of the modules through the curves of the clock and transparency creates a balance between learning what is necessary and innovating and understanding the path of where I come from and where I am going.



Management of two modules


  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Brick


  • Spaces in conjunction with nature
  • Accommodations for a different educational experience
  • Take advantage of efficient methods of transportation
  • Designing efficient learning spaces
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