THE PRAIRIE by Re-imagined World

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6674
Re-imagined World
Aston Yap
National University of Singapore
Ng Xin Yi
National University of Singapore
Clarabelle Pun
National University of Singapore
Joel Lam
National University of Singapore


Architecture that heals and inspires the mind.

The Prairie protests against the thoughtless direction of industrialisation, opposing to the harm inflicted on the mind and spirit. This approach integrates nature into the campus zone to heal and inspire the mind. Through the curation and design of nature, users in The Prairie will be able to experience the therapeutic and healing effects of nature throughout the various changing seasons of the year, both outdoors and indoors.

Concept Diagrams 

  1. Arrangement: Clustering of program spaces  -> Breaking up of program spaces; linkway become opportunities for students to ease their minds
  2. Form: Limited exposure of views with rectilinear form -> maximum exposure to nature with concentric form
  3. Circulation: Circulation of one program space to another via crossing through ->Connecting circulatory routes to nature
  4. Curation of Nature Elements: Maximum exposure to nature via pathways on ground level -> Semi-exposure to nature via sky bridges ->experiencing nature within interior spaces via indoor courtyards -> Experiencing nature indoors via glass enclosure within program spaces


Axonometric Diagram

Program Spaces -> Connection Bridges -> Outdoor Circulatory Routes -> Landscaping and Nature


Program Spaces

Level 1: Auditorium, Exhibition Space, Activity Lounge, Workshops, Library, Cafeteria, Student Lounge

Level 2: Auditorium, Exhibition Space, Studio Spaces, Library, Computer Lab, Dormitories

Level 3: Rooftop Patio, Dormitories


Render Images

1. Outdoor connection bridges between indoor program spaces

2. Dormitories – indoor connection with nature through glass shell

3. Outdoor pathways and leisure areas

4. Library -Healing the mind through the changing seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)



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