The New Bauhaus Campus by niabneab

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6851
varakorn sitinatesakul

Bauhaus is one the influential movement in the modern age. It had reformed the way of learning from lecture based to expermental based. Students would get their hands dirty by working on projects in the workshop, studying from mass model to the end product.

Often people would positioned Bauhaus as a style – a primary colors, basic geometry form, modern materials, etc. but acutally it is not the whole story, It was a think tank process to create works. So I indicated to reveal the thinktank process of bauhaus, to those who came visiting the campus by managed them to walk above the workshop and co-working space, in order to make them see the process not only the end product. In the Think Tank process, we need a discussion. So to improve what Bauhaus had done 100 years ago, We need more wholeness that was enveloped in one sphere. For that environment, We need massive space that can contains numbers of people for commune and discussion. After we got that big space. To expand the range of the comments and point of views. I inserted the public accessible plaza inbetween major meeting areas in the project. would not it be great to have real-time feedback from the user?

To connect with existings context, I reduce the building footprint into a compact layout. The rest of the land was turned into park, for the Dessau people to interact with the campus.

The main atrium is inbetween the workshop. The mezzanine above the workshop is the co-working space that provided for student that not staying at the campus.

This corridor is one part of the exhibition, the artworks and products will be displayed along the path, and also allow the outsider to see behide the scene of the bauhaus process.

This atrium is provided for the students and masters who stays at the campus. To remain the privacy of the space, It was place separately and unconnected from main atrium.

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