The New Bauhaus 2021- Dinamite Architects by Dinamite

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2176
Osvaldo Ximello Reyes
Universitario Cristóbal Colón
Sabina Juarez Garrido
Universitario Cristóbal Colón
Sergio Rayon Carbino
Universitario Cristóbal Colón
Ericka Flores Reyes
Universitario Cristóbal Colón
Andrea Tovar Salaus
Universitario Cristóbal Colón
Orlando Porras Gomez
Universitario Cristóbal Colón

The new Bauhaus 2021 campus designed by DINAMITE Arquitectos, is an art school in which dynamic and interactive spaces were connected. The main objective of the project is the functionality, that presenting a spatial continuity. The technical constructive elements applied in the buildings include concrete walls, photovoltaic glasses, large windows for better solar capture with DVH glass and implementation of eco-technologies,They are elements that represent a higher priority for the elaboration of the project.

The new Bauhaus campus was designed so that students can guide themselves abroad, obtaining a tour through of the paths in which the emblematic Bauhaus sculptures are projected and a view of the campus expressing the priority to the environment with vegetation in order to foster the essence of tranquility and inspiration.

The grouping of the campus responds correctly to fixed communication typologies, the proximity of the building, emphasizing the main purpose, which is to design buildings that SEEK tranquility, coexistence and above all inspiration.

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