The New Bauhaus by MBM

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2449
Barbara Barrera Fernández
Universidad La Salle Saltillo
Mariana Muñiz Rodriguez
Universidad La Salle Saltillo
Melanie Jacqueline Bazaldúa Pérez
Universidad La Salle Saltillo


Our Concept is TOLERANCE. We believe that people need to be more empathetic, we live in the same world and our main source of wealth is diversity.

We work on the concept with a central point in the plans, where people can interact with each other.

In the example of the main facade, we can see that the glass wall makes you feel a kind of transparency, like #nofilters. In this University you will get your best verison of yourself.

The main values we worked with in the design process were: Flexibility, sensibility, peace and openness.

Each volume have one of this values. All together, make that the concept work.

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