The Fracture by VANN ARCH

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4795
Vanessa Paola Carrillo Paredes
Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Grace Ivanna Haro Nieto
Universidad San Francisco de Quito


As we are dealing with the new Bauhaus, we seek to implement new strategies and concepts of a new education, but at the same time, remember the great influence it has had. Thus, The Fracture represents the breakthrough between the past and the future. Taking the rationalists precepts of the Bauhaus and implementing them with a new education.

The building is divided intro three important blocks: education (1), residence (2) and exhibitions (3). The blocks then, open up to create squares in order to welcome the people.

The fracture is created by the external forces that influence the building, such as lighting, wind, important streets and the train tracks.

Therefore on the outside, the facades remain orthogonal while on the inside there is a fracture that expresses the breakthrough between the new and the old Bauhaus.

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