This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2122
Yifei Yao
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The Bauhaus Assembly



Just like at the start of the Bauhaus, the new Bauhaus is a truly interdisciplinary space where a student could learn everything they need to excel in their fields of study. The New Bauhaus experience needs to be an assembly of all aspects of student life, and the New Bauhaus campus addresses this experience by assembling all kinds of facilities that could aid a student. Knowledge, Craftsmanship, Practice, Application, Conversation and Living are all aspects that are assembled together conceptually, to physically  assemble my project, the Bauhaus Assembly.

The form is derived from the three basic geometric shapes: The Rectangle, the Circle, and the Triangle. The three forms are assembled to form the mass of the building.

Description of drawings:

The Design is focused around the daily experience of the students, with a central educational building created for visibility and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, a theatre/auditorium for daily lectures and performance displays and a dorm building created for a private and relaxing living experience for students while providing space for small/large assembly and various activities, both indoor and outdoor. 

The campus is separated into 2 sections: A public section and a private section. The 2 sections are separated by a road on the ground level, and each section has a street front entrance. The public area is designed for visibility both from the surrounding streets and from the buildings around the site. 

The education area is made of a central spiral exhibition area surrounded by two levels of rooms: at the higher level, the classrooms and at the level below, workshops. This arrangement is created for maximum visibility from the classrooms to the workshops, and the central exhibition area adds to that by creating a public space that demonstrates how students assemble their work, and their own knowledge. 

The exterior wall of the Education Building is made of adjustable glas louvres that can change its angle according to temperature and sunlight changes. In a city with moderate temperatures like Dessau, the need for air conditioning can be eliminated by utilizing sunlight and airflow.

The dorm building is made of a network of dorm rooms, studio spaces and small gathering areas. On top of the building, there is a rooftop garden that gives access to the surrounding scenery in Dessau. 

The theatre is accessible from the education building and from the ground level for public guests. 

Site Plan: The walkways on the site follow the pattern of the building geometry, forming spaces for  research activities and exhibition of the students environmental projects on water, wind and solar focused landscape design . The dorm building is arranged in a geometric way, consisting of an equal number of studios and dorm rooms. Each dorm has a view to the outside and also becomes a place for investigating best practices in environmental consciousness. The exterior wall of the education building is made of movable louvres that can adjust to control the airflow and sunlight entering the building, thus regulating the temperature inside.

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