Vision on Bauhaus Campus 2021 by SxVH

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1863
Vanhooren Yaron
LUCA school of arts Gent
Van Hese Joris
LUCA school of arts Gent
Singh Prabesh
LUCA school of arts Gent


In the center of the main building is a partially sunken square. It provides a natural area to relax and is conveniently close to the cafetaria. The hallway extends outwards, establishing a wonderfull overview of the main building. The corridor runs throughout the construction, giving the students a well viewable access inside and out. The tables in the classrooms can be transformed into exhibition panels. They are equal planes that are designed for comfort and easy storage. Within them are steel pins for easy assembly.


The hallway that connects the whole building is placed by principle of a mezzanine. It is half a floor between the two classroom floors. This way the hall achieves a greater visual access throughout the center of the main building. The exhibition areas are constructed with two glass facades that view towards the landscape. The windowframes are based on rectangles that are in symmetry with the design. The hallway flows through each corner of the areas creating compelling mezzanines and views of the exhibitions.


Seatings are integrated into the stairs for a more dynamic space.


Two levels of bedrooms on either side of the center common area.


The guest dorms are more spacious than the student dorms. Each room has its own unique view on the main building.

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