This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4717
Sezin Durmuş
Tobb Economy and Technology University
Selin Kamburoğlu
Tobb Economy and Technology University

Looking from the past to the present, designs were shaped according to the needs of people. In Bauhaus and afterwards, the need has come up to the present day with the motto “form follows function”When the bauhaus is examined, functionality has gained priority. The productions are made for the purpose. Can this purposeful situation be used in the organization of the space?
According to today’s conditions, the spaces are reduced to 3 situations. These are silence zones, common zones, and meeting zones. For example, while one person is sleeping in the silence zone, two people can come together and study. In the common zone, there is a more collective working situation and gatherings can also be done here. Meeting zone refers to collective areas. It can also be used as an exhibition or a conference.
In this context, we found the essence of the spaces and reconstructed them.Looking at the spaces according to today’s conditions, for example, the concept of room and classroom unites. In fact, the main reason this comes together is the need for silence. In this context, when each space is divided separately, the need essence in it is similar.
Silence zones are more specialized areas. A dissolution was designed by distorting grids from other areas to specialized areas.

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